onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

They are watching you!

I like eyes, I love big and beautiful eyes! But when it is so many, then it is kind of creepy to me and funny at the same time;) Lips and mustache was one of the big trends last couple of years. 
Now KENZO setting up a new trend with eyes print on, so I am looking forward to see how long it will go:)
My plan is to get a black sweatshirt with white eyes on, so here we go!;)

Model Ming Xi with her KENZO eyes on...Really cute:-D

Kevin Hart on the green carpet and with lot of eyes on him;)

Black is also cool, lots of eyes watching you from the darkness:). One of bloggers from Chictopia.

KENZO personally:)

Lovely boots huh?;)

Oh yeas! Would you wear this piece?;)

 I got lots of compliments at my work today for this "kisses" blouse, 
would I get so many compliments for "eyes shirt" also?;)

mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Tartan, the old love...

Hello everyone!

I remember myself as a 14 year old curly hair girl with military boots on, blue ripped jeans and an oversized tartan shirt...Does it came back?? Really??
I was very surprised to see so many bloggers addicted by tartan patterns this days, and I actually bought one cute little red tartan shirt today on ebay.  I am going to wear it under my homemade black skater sarafan and some heeled boots, I think it will be a cute combination;)

Actually it is really to long time ago I have made any outfit photo, so I think it is the right time to show you what I am up to right now:)

Here is some lookbookers that have inspired me to get this shirt back in to my wardrobe;)

This is how I am going to wear:)

tirsdag den 8. oktober 2013

Hugs and kisses :)

I have ordered for some days ago a funny one and really cool shirt with print of  kisses. I have seen it before, but something told me that I could wait for that type of foolish stuff until now;) So it is on the way to my postbox, and I am really looking forward to style it:)
I found some inspirational pictures from other bloggers. I think it is really easy to make cool outfit with this type of stuff:) Remember I just bought red heels, just have to find out about the rest;)

And what do you think about this clutch?:-p

lørdag den 5. oktober 2013

CARVELA GALAXY on the way home:)

Hello everyone:) 
As you know I have a temporary craziness about heels and court shoes...So i had to own a pair of this darlings, probably it is the last pair on the internet. Just bought them with 70% of, and I hope I will use them  a lot as an party shoes:) I will definitely wear them with a very simple white skater dress that is something like Aqua`s Major Skater mini dress.
Would you dare to wear them? If so, how would you style them?:))

Haunting a courts or the other way to find a comfort in sky heels...

Hello everyone:)

An average woman can hold out to wear a high heels before she get pain in feet, for 1 hour 22 minutes and 53 seconds...What to do???
Last days I have been looking for a cool court stilettos that could be used with a short party dress. My requirements was: high heel and comfort,  style and comfort...
So I bought a several pair of shoes in the center store, brought them home and tried to wear them over evening:) I just could not find the other way to find out who is best!:)

 The result was: I have chosen a pair of this red suede/leather heels that I can wear with my red Guella party bag that I have designed last year. Short, of shoulder black dress is a perfect fellow for this to;)

Looking forward to wear them out:)

Do you have any special way to find out what heels is best for you? Do you buy heels online? If so, what brand your feet likes best?

søndag den 22. september 2013

New coat or not?

Hello ladies.

This week I have been thinking about buying new coat for autumn/winter, but I was not sure what is the best.
I found a really nice coat model at MONKI store REESE coat, but the size was way too big, and I was not sure about color. So I decided I will buy a gray one in size small, just because it is an oversize model, and I am to short to wear oversize clothes.

I hope it still more of this coats in the stores. It seems like they are sold out everywhere:)

It is also possible to buy this color in different colors. But I think gray is best
because it is better color to wear with light colored wool and angora sweaters under the coat.

I also like some coats from HM, they are  very classy and edgy, but I have to try them first and see if it is me or not:). 

What do you think?

søndag den 15. september 2013

Great styles from HM

Hello everyone

I just had to buy a pair of jeans today at hm.com that was sold out in the stores, and then I realised that it is actually quite many things I like from new arivals that I could think to buy:) Therefore before I spend to much money, I decided to cut some pictures out of the items that caught my attention this time. Just to share it with you:)

I also liked a lot a color scale in interior collage in the home menu. Would you use this colors in your home interior? I see that HM have made some connection between colors scale in the clothes collection and home interiors. Nice idea in and with I think many people using the same colors both at home interior and own clothing;) I do at least!

Today was a really lazy morning, I saw Dexter season 8 with my boyfriend and eat nice food, then I realised that I wont to start my monday with a lot of homework, therefor it had to be some cleaning exercises at the end of day;)
I hope you had a nice sunday, enjoy your evening:)

lørdag den 14. september 2013

What I did this summer:)

Dear friends, it is really long time since I have made any blog post here...I did not had time or motivation on any of my online hobbies all summer, because it has happened many things: I got new job, we got 5 beautiful leopard gecko hatchlings, I have been using a lot of  time on my family, and I have been traveling a lot:)
Now I am going to use more time on myself, and make cosy time at my blog. I have been thinking that fashion is not only a theme I am going to write about here...Healthy and exotic food is my new hobby, so you will see some yummies here once and awhile:) And of course my adorable small leopards will show up here sometimes:)  So feel free to visit me here again:)

Some pics from my summer holiday in Bulgaria where my parents live now:)

And yes, this summer I have been wearing only dresses. Why not when weather is so beautiful:)
I have been wearing a lot MOTEL skater dresses, that is very simple and feminine:)

See you here again soon:)
Huge hugs

søndag den 28. april 2013

Design by me:) and new Outfit


Over a month I haven`t been here. Many things I had to do with a short deadlines, but I managed to be creative while I did my job, and now I have to post some outfit photos that I should post for sometime ago:)

Here is my creation, my very favorite "blazer" I have made for couple weeks ago. I use it a lot:)

 This wedge sneakers from Norwegian brand Roots I had to buy, they are perfect for every day use,
extreme comfort!:)
Leather pants from SNOB, my old Zara bag, Gina Tricot t-shirt, necklace and sunglasses.

So what happened while I was away?

  • I have started at Urban Planning  for architects and got my eyes really wide open (great competence to have:)...
  • I got my self new computer (that is good for architecture and designing). 
  • I had some projects to finish
  •  I had some sewing projects for me and some for my  friends
  • I learned really a lot about leopard gecko keeping, their behavior and breeding (Therefore we had to build over and over again and reconstruct terrarium about 20 times(no lie...) . Right now we got to eggs from our geckos, and in 1 week we can see if they are fertile( they are to young) :)

I have a lot of pictures that I will post in separate blogpost about our gecko  adventure:)

Have a nice time until then and enjoy the sun:)

Hugs Yelena