mandag den 19. april 2010

"May I shoes you? Yes please:) !!! "

Shoes shoes shoes...this is the most important "accessories" in your closet...
Shoes is an a good investment and realy good shoes will save you from the buying a lot of ekspensive dress. You can use a very cheap dress, but realy luxury shoes will give you ekspensive and cool look anyway..
I noticed realy good danish shoes designer Camila Skovgaard. She made her debut collection that you can buy at net-a-porte or shopbop. Her collection has an common theme, but each pair of shoes is unikal and have an very sofisticated and ekspencive look:)

tirsdag den 6. april 2010

Alice in Wonderland fashion...

Jeg har lært et nydt navn at kende, der peger på de mange famøse filmer og hård arbejde bag filmudklædninger af de mange skuespillene i Hollywood...
Colleen Atwood (born 1948) is an American costume designer.
"Colleen has been nominated for an Academy Award numerous times and won Academy Awards for the movies Chicago in 2002 and Memoirs of a Geisha in 2006. Colleen has collaborated several times with directors Tim Burton and Jonathan Demme. Beginning her career as a fashion advisor in Washington State in the early 1970s, Colleen eventually ventured into the world of costume design for theater and film, initially coming to fame through her work on Sting's Bring on the Night World Tour.

Colleen has been partially involved in developing or has been the lead designer for producing the costumes on over 50 films to date. Colleen was the lead costume designer for all of the new costumes created for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 2005-2006. She designed The Black Parade band uniforms for the band My Chemical Romance." Info: Wikipedia

Alice in Wonderland....

Efter noget undersøgelser rundt tøjdesign i filmen, helt tilfældigvis fundet jeg flere sjove info på nettet, og faldt over en Brasiliansk website der viser design af smykker inspireret af direkte scener i filmen...Konceptet bag smykkedesignet ligger i hænderne hos H.Stern design
" H.Stern designers decided that the underworld of Tim Burton’s film would be their source of inspiration. Moving away from the obvious and from the well known characters of the story, they chose natural elements and spectacular creatures from Wonderland to give shape to five rings – pieces of art – that follow the intrinsic organic forms to the creative DNA of the brand."